We firmly believe that the greatest asset of any company is its employees.

No competences, even the most outstanding ones, can be more important than the people they represent. Medical Investment Solutions unites passionate professionals who see the problems in public healthcare and are ready to give their all to solve them. "If you can, you must!" – We want every member of our team to feel personally responsible for the overall result. The medical projects that we have implemented can change the negative views of the majority on free Russian healthcare – and we are proud of it.
Ilya Ivanov
anaging Director
Maria Makarenko
Chief Operating Officer
Larisa Gromyko
Сhief business development officer
Natalya Borisova
Chief Financial Officer
Olga Kladinova
Chief Human Resource Officer
Vyacheslav Ilushka
Сhief business development officer
Nikita Yurkov
Chief Executive Officer
Vladyslav Chmelyuk
Chief Information Officer
Mariia Petrunina
Director of Internal Communications and Corporate Culture